Start Spring Cleaning with These Tools to Make Your Garage Filth-Free

2022-03-12 03:39:00 By : Mr. Jun Ying

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Freshen up your garage in time for the warm weather with these cleaning tools.

March is here, and with it comes the first signs of spring. The birds are back, splashes of green make their return, and the warming air gets you in the mood to . . . clean? Well, they don't call it spring cleaning for nothing. One of the top things on folks' cleaning to-do lists is the garage, where months of yuck and muck have built up. But where do you start?

The first step is to get everything out. Your driveway will look like an impromptu yard sale, but this is an important step to getting your garage clean again. Once your garage is empty, start with the big items—clutter that can be thrown out, cans that can be deposited at the grocery store, things like that. Next, get the dry stuff out. This can be done with either a broom or blower, up to you. Once the dirt and leaves are out, you can hit it with some water, soap, and scrubbing if you want that truly sparkling look. Put everything back in, and it'll feel like a brand-new garage.

We at the Gear Team love spending time in our garages, so here are some tools to get you started on your spring cleaning. Bonus points if you do it before the neighbors.

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Depending on how grimy your garage is, you might want to consider throwing on a pair of versatile gloves. These, from Ansell, are made with a stretchy nylon liner and a grippy, tough polyurethane coating on the fingers. There are a range of sizes, so make sure you've selected the correct fit before buying.

All the junk, clutter, and dirt has to go somewhere, right? Pick up a box of these contractor-grade garbage bags and throw it all away safely. They're two mils thick to prevent punctures, and the 55-gallon capacity is a bonus.

If you want to clean the hard-to-reach places in your garage, you need a good step stool. This folding stool from HBTower has three steps and a max weight capacity of 500 pounds. Built to be extra wide, the steps have a nonslip pattern, an ideal feature for garage work.

This duster is great for cleaning windows, your toolbox, and the top of that old garage fridge. The microfiber head grabs dust and holds on, while the handle can extend to 100 inches for awesome reachability when you want to purge the rafters of cobwebs.

For small messes or dirt around the edges, we like this dustpan and broom set. It's nothing fancy. The broom is designed to handle concrete, while the dustpan is made of a rugged plastic and features a hands-free dumping system.

To move a good amount of dirt, a push broom is best. This broom from KeFanta measures 18 inches wide and features six layers of bristles. The 63-inch handle helps keep you upright while sweeping, saving your back in the process.

If your garage floor needs a bit of scrubbing, give this garage-grade sponge mop a try. It comes with a built-in brush, a squeegee, and two extra sponges. Your garage will be sparkling clean in no time.

This highly rated wet/dry vac from Stanley does everything well. The six-gallon tank is a nice size for garage cleaning, and the vacuum sucks up both dry and wet material. The detachable blower can deliver enough power to clear light yard debris back outside to its natural habitat.

If sweeping and scrubbing sounds like too much work, try just blowing out the dirt and leaves with this kit from Worx. The blower uses a 20-volt battery and can produce an air speed of 160 mph.

If you have an oil leak in your garage, this is the stuff to use. Like kitty litter, Oil-Dri absorbs moisture. Pour some on the mess and let it sit for a day or two for best results. You'll want to periodically stir the stuff on the spill to get maximum absorption. Also, make sure to wear a mask when using this, as inhaling the dust can be harmful.

Once the oil is cleaned up, use this professional-grade oil cleaner to get rid of the stain. The nontoxic degreaser lifts oil particles out of concrete. Dilute with water to adjust the strength.