3 scalp care tips to give you your healthiest hair yet

2022-03-12 03:39:07 By : Ms. Liya Wu

From switching your shampoo to dermarolling

If your hair is feeling a little lacklustre and just isn’t playing ball, it may be a sign that the health of your scalp needs addressing. Just like our faces, the skin on the scalp needs regular TLC to stay in optimum condition.

From exfoliating treatments to swapping your hairbrush, here we share three simple ways to a happy, healthy head.

‘Scalp health is directly linked to hair health, so we should think of it as the soil that our hair grows out of,’ explains trichologist Mark Blake. ‘We treat our faces with expensive face creams and exfoliants but we seem to draw an invisible line around our foreheads – where the scalp is expected to just care for itself.’

So, how can you start to give your scalp the attention it deserves? A great place to start is with dedicated haircare such as Nioxin’s System Kits that each come with a scalp-friendly shampoo, conditioner and leave-in treatment.

NIOXIN’s 3-part System Kit, for instance, creates a healthy environment for hair growth with a concentrated blend of age defying botanicals and humectants that help to remove sebum and fatty acids from the scalp. When used regularly, this system can improve your hair’s structure, cultivate a thicker-looking appearance and protect against further breakage.

Metal-pronged or bristle brushes can be very harsh on the head and can cause further irritation if you have a particularly sensitive scalp. Instead, opt for a brush with natural bristles or gentle prongs made from plastic. Silicone brushes are another great alternative that help to keep the scalp happy.

The Manta hairbrush, for instance, was designed by hairdresser Tim Binnington after his wife began to lose her hair. Designed to minimise breakages, it cares for the hair and scalp with soft bristles that are free from rough edges and don’t catch or tear the hair shaft. Each bristle is also cleverly designed with pioneering patented Flexguard technology to ensure the hair never reaches the stress point that causes it to break.

If you’ve ever used a derma roller on your face, you’ll know that it can be a really effective way of rejuvenating and boosting production of collagen by creating microscopic wounds on the skin. But have you ever thought about using one on your scalp?

‘I’m a big fan of dermarolling the scalp,’ says Mark. ‘It’s important that you use a different device for each area, as your face is usually a bit cleaner than your scalp, but pricking the skin helps rush blood to the area.’

Not a fan of needles, no matter how tiny? Don’t worry, a scalp massage can have similar blood-boosting results.

Mark explains that many of Nioxin’s specialist scalp products such as the shampoos and conditioners are also developed with this idea in mind, so they contain ingredients such as peppermint oil, which stimulates the scalp and drives blood to its surface. This makes them an ideal complement to dermarolling or a head massage.

Don’t let a bad hair day become a bad hair life. With regular care via exfoliation or dedicated treatments, your scalp and hair should start to feel healthier and more balanced.

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