DUET Announces the Release of a New Broom/Mop & Dustpan Combo

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FORT COLLINS, Colo. , July 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- DUET, a company dedicated to providing you with thoughtfully engineered floor care products, has announced the release of the Duet, an all-in-one floor cleaning system containing a dual-purpose microfiber dust mop, a sweeping broom, and a multitasking dustpan combo that will revolutionize the way individuals clean their floors. Duet strikes an innovative balance between convenience, comfort, and functionality to suit the needs of today's modern and busy lifestyles, without compromising design. Duet saves the user time, effort, and expense while being an eco-friendly product in more than one way.

The Duet boasts several key proprietary features, including a microfiber dust mop, sweeping broom, dual-purpose dustpan, bristle cleaner, hands-free microfiber pad cleaner, and removable collection tray. With a telescopic adjustable broom handle for proper ergonomic use and a hands-free cleaning chamber that doubles as an electrostatic charging pad for the microfiber dust mop, the Duet offers a convenient, all-in-one cleaning system that is designed differently for the cleanest clean.

DUET cites six key benefits of the Duet that sets the floor cleaning system apart from the competition.

Unlike traditional brooms that swat debris upward and outward, the Duet attracts and collects dust particles rather than promoting airborne allergens. The constant forward-sweeping motion of the Duet allows the user to switch effortlessly from a microfiber dust mop to a sweeping broom, eliminating the need to stop and gather additional cleaning tools. A multifunctional dustpan makes gathering debris, cleaning brush bristles, and charging the microfiber pad quick and easy.

The Duet contains all of the essential tools needed to keep floors clean, eliminating the need for multiple products. Featuring a 12-inch wide head, the Duet is ideal for maneuvering in small areas, yet large enough to tackle wider, open spaces. The onboard self-cleaning chamber in the dustpan reduces wash cycles and energy waste, and there are no disposable non-biodegradable cloths to clutter landfills.

"The problem with sweeping and picking up the collected debris is that you can't do both at once with the same product, taking up significant time in someone's busy schedule," says Viviana Herrera , DUET's primary product developer.

The Duet allows individuals to clean their floors with a single tool. Rather than using a standard broom and dustpan or vacuum to pick up debris collected with a microfiber dust mop, individuals can use the Duet and its attached multipurpose dustpan to complete their floor cleaning tasks from start to finish.

The Duet can be used on hardwood, laminate, porcelain, ceramic tile, linoleum, and other types of hard flooring. It stands up on its own, allowing it to be stored discreetly in a corner, or it may also be hung on the wall. This easy storage makes it convenient for cleaning up the next mess without being an eyesore, as Duet's compact and modern design conceals its cleaning capabilities.

"It's time for a shakeup in the way people clean their homes' floors, and we're excited to introduce the Duet to users everywhere to make their lives easier. It's your broom and dustpan reinvented," says Herrera.

DUET was founded in 2017. The company creates multipurpose products that simplify everyday housekeeping tasks.

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