50 super legit things under $30 trending on Amazon now

2022-03-12 03:43:15 By : Mr. Vic Yan

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The trending section of Amazon is ripe with best-selling tech, cutting-edge gadgets, and brand new styles and fashion that you’ll be seeing everywhere soon. But, if you’ve never sifted through the list of the most popular Amazon finds, let me let you in on a secret: The products there are super legit and a lot of them are shockingly affordable. To save you some time, I’ve pored over the clever things under $30 on Amazon and picked out some of the “run, don’t walk” purchases that are selling out fast.

Given that Amazon’s trending section changes every hour, there’s a pretty good chance you won’t know many of these legit products even exist. But whether it’s a sunset-simulating lamp for your home or edible glitter you can add to cocktails and beverages, you’ll want to add them to your cart immediately. If you’re a more practical shopper, don’t worry, there’s something on this list for you. I’ve included a collapsible cup you can take with you when you travel, a game-changing trash can for your car, and a reusable lint roller that you’ll never have to replace.

So regardless of whether the legit finds on your “to buy” list are more fun or functional, there’s a product here that’ll change your life. Keep scrolling, the items below are going fast on Amazon — blink and they might sell out.

This veggie chopper does it all: It includes seven different stainless steel blades to slice and dice your produce in different ways — but it also includes an egg separator (bonus). Not to mention, the container underneath catches everything as you go, making meal prep as simple as possible.

Instead of squeezing your measuring cups into a small utensil drawer in your kitchen, try adding these ones to your setup. They're made with silicone that can be collapsed down each time you're done using them, therefore giving you more space to store other kitchen necessities.

If there's no room for a knife block on your kitchen counter, you can store your utensils on this magnetic knife bar. It's made with sleek stainless steel and comes with all of the hardware that's necessary for installation. It can even be used for craft supplies in an art room.

Whether you need a place to put your beverage, sunscreen, or even your cell phone, these cup holders will be useful. They're plastic and are grounded with a 7-inch stake that drives securely into the sand without tipping over. Plus, one pack comes with four of them in different colors — so you can share with friends and family.

This sugar scrub will make you excited to get up in the morning and wash your face, because it smells amazing. The scrub itself is made with sugar and soybean oil, but it's infused with various essential oils — including rosemary and peppermint — that gives it a rejuvenating fragrance and feel. Not to mention, it's both paraben- and cruelty-free.

Sure, this mat and pillow set might look a little daunting — but it's actually extremely relaxing to use. It's covered in tiny spikes that hit certain pressure points when you lie on it, therefore helping your body relieve stress and tension so you can relax more.

Not only does this shield stick onto your window via static (so there's no adhesive required), but it also helps block over 97% of UV rays from entering the vehicle. And since it's made of mesh, you can still see through it while you're driving. It's available in a two-pack or four-pack.

Whether you need more storage in your living room or a place to kick up your feet, this ottoman can help. You can open it up and store things like blankets, pillows, and shoes — or you can put the padded lid on and use it as a footrest. Plus, it's lined with linen fabric that'll go with your existing decor.

You'll be able to step up your griddle game with the help of this tool kit. It comes with two spatulas and two flippers, both of which are made with stainless steel that's secured by heat-resistant handles. There's even a stainless steel chopper, along with two bottles for oil.

Don't worry if you don't have a dryer in your home or apartment; just add this clothing rack to your space. It's foldable in six ways and even has a built-in sweater shelf. Not to mention, there are shoe-drying racks so you can air out any sneakers that had to go into the wash.

These stainless steel hooks are stylish and strong. They each stick onto your wall with 3M adhesive (so no tools are necessary), and they hold 6 to 7 pounds per hook. With that being said, they can be used to hold towels, water bottles, purses, and more.

No brewery? No problem. You can host your own beer tastings from the comfort of your home with the help of this sampler kit. It's made of wood and has a built-in chalkboard for labeling your brews (the chalk isn't included), and four 6-ounce glasses come with the purchase.

This pillow has a lot going for it: Not only is the loft adjustable (by adding or removing fluff), but that "fluff" is actually shredded memory foam that's infused with cooling gel. No to mention, one side of the pillow is lined with cooling fibers while the other is lined with bamboo fabric. It's just really comfortable all around.

You can easily give your home theater vibes with these LED strip lights. They're meant to be stuck onto the back of your television to help give your set a dreamy glow in the shade of your choice. These can also be controlled via app, and you can decide how bright or dim they get.

Memory cards are easy to lose — but not when you have this storage case to put them in. The compact aluminum container can hold 16 SD cards total (including eight micro-SD cards), and it's even dust-proof. It currently has an impressive 4.7-star rating on Amazon, with one customer writing, "With SD cards growing in size, this seemed like the perfect option to keep several organized and safe."

This sleek glass container can be used for a few things: You can fill it up with your favorite snack, or you can pour your favorite wine into it. Either way, it's ergonomically shaped and easy to pour with. It can also be washed in the top rack of your dishwasher, which makes cleanup simple.

Vegan, Gluten, Nut Free, kosher Certified

Make any drink instantly more festive by sprinkling it with this edible glitter. Just stir it into a cocktail or other beverage, and it'll make the drink shine. The glitter mix is food-grade, dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan. And it comes in 20 hues, including gold, blue, and green.

Take a better beach nap with this pillow that clips to your beach chair. Just secure the small pillow to the top of your chair using its elastic band and clips to hold it in place. It's compact for traveling, and the pillowcase is waterproof and machine-washable.

One Size Fits All, Safe Stand for Strong Winds

On windy days, you need this sand anchor to keep your beach umbrella in place. It screws into the sand with a universal fit for beach umbrellas. This spike anchor weighs less than a pound so it's easy to carry in a beach bag, but it's also strong enough to withstand 50 mph winds.

Keep your car tidy with this lidded trash can. It's designed to fasten to parts of your car interior, like the console or a seat back, so it won't move around as you drive. The 2-gallon bin is lined with waterproof fabric, so it easily wipes clean. And you can store wipes or any other necessities in the side mesh pockets.

For those times you need to eat in your car, make it easier with this clip-on food tray. Just clip it onto somewhere inside your car, like the console, door pocket, or the visor. The flexible arm allows you to adjust the tray as needed for a sturdy tabletop to place your food.

This foot mask will peel away the dried skin of cracked heels or calluses to reveal softer skin. Just sit in the booties for an hour, and in a week or two the dried skin will begin to peel away. The formula contains papaya extract, which helps exfoliate the skin in such a dramatic way.

Turn any jar or jug into a tap with this automatic drink dispenser. It's designed with a universal fit that inserts into any beverage container opening. Kids or adults can then just press a glass to the trigger to dispense the drink drip-free without lifting a heavy container.

Not only does this cup holder give you an extra holder, but it also expands to fit more than a standard cup. Place the lower cup into a car cup holder, and rotate the second elevated holder to where you need it. It expands to fit wide-mouth bottles, a container of French fries, or even an iPad.

Wash your hands anywhere with these soap sheets. Just add water to a soap sheet and rub it in your hands to create a lather and wash your hands. Each pack in the set contains 200 sheets, so you can keep your hands clean whether you're camping or at a rest stop that's out of soap.

Easily lift foods out of oil or liquid using this dishwasher-safe skimmer. It's heat resistant up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit, and the handle is designed with an ergonomic grip. It's wide enough to drain several pieces of food at once, and the slots in the spoon quickly drain any liquid.

Replace the aerator on your sink faucet with this attachment for a rotating spray nozzle. It's designed to fit most faucets and comes with adapters to fit different faucet head styles. The rotating nozzle makes it easier to get water where you need it, and you can choose from two flows: soft bubble stream or a strong spray.

Use this milk frother to whip up homemade lattes — or switch the whisk attachment to beat eggs. The three-speed frother's balloon whisk attachment can also mix up shakes and smoothies. Use the the hook head to froth milk or batter and the spring head to create foam in lattes or hot chocolate. It comes with a rechargeable battery that can be charged via USB.

Safeguard important documents in this file folder that's waterproof and fireproof. The exterior is made with glass fiber and liquid silicone to give it such durable properties, and it also features an external pocket for storing passports or other items. Inside, the 25 multicolored sections expand to fit over 850 sheets of paper.

Whether you're camping, kayaking, or boating, pack your stuff in this durable bag to keep things dry and safe. The roll-top closure creates a waterproof seal, so any gear inside stays dry in water, sand, snow, or mud. A shoulder strap makes it easy to wear the bag on your outdoor adventure or attach to a kayak. This lightweight bag also floats.

This compact broom and dustpan set fit into any home for regular sweeping. The broom clips onto the dustpan handle, and the dustpan can be stored vertically for slim storage. And unlike other sets, you can keep the broom bristles clean just by running them through the fine comb on the dustpan.

Use the low-profiled head of this brush and the kit's zinc-based gel for a cleaner tongue. Together, they work to remove odor-causing bacteria that can build up on the tongue and leave your mouth feeling fresher. One of more than 3,000 reviewers commented, "I've used a Tung Brush and gel for many years. There really is no substitute for optimal tongue hygiene."

For a high-tech way to lock up your valuables, this fingerprint lock can be used to secure everything from backpacks to doors to gym lockers. And, because you can set this to work with up to 20 fingerprints, it’s great for locking anything that multiple people might need access to. The battery can last up to 1 year or 3,000 uses, and when it runs out of juice you can recharge the lock using the included USB charger.

If you’ve ever accidentally struck your hand when hammering a nail, then this genius home improvement tool will change your life. This nail framer features magnets that hold the nail in place so you can hammer it into whatever surface you’re working on. Stretchy finger straps on either side allow you to grip the tool, and in just a few seconds you’ll have the job done without your nail buckling or your fingers getting hammered.

These acupuncture sandals are a game-changer for anyone with chronic foot pain. They’re designed with 39 different nodes that are placed strategically to massage specific glands on the bottom of your feet. The strap is adjustable so these will fit snugly, and with just 15 to 20 minutes of daily wear, your feet will start to feel so much relief.

Designed for stress relief, this kinetic desk accessory can keep you from fidgeting during work. This aluminum ball has an etched design that looks like a continuous spiral as it spins. It can even rotate for a few minutes on a single spin, plenty of time for you to get a bit of work done before you spin it again. This comes in a few matte and metallic colors and two different sizes.

This reusable lint roller is so useful particularly if you live with pets. The sticky roller can pick up crumbs and hair from any surface, and when it stops being sticky, get the brush wet and wipe it clean so it is ready to be reused. This set of two rollers comes in two different sizes, one perfect for sticking into a backpack, purse, or pocket when you’re on the go.

Any shower curtain is going to get a bit dirty overtime, which is why this washable curtain is such a smart investment. With a classic waffle-weave design and 12 grommets that will fit into the shower hooks already in your bathroom (hooks are not included), this is an immediate upgrade to any bathroom. One note: This shower curtain is longer than standard, at 96 inches in length (standard shower curtains are 72 inches long).

Exfoliation is a crucial, albeit often skipped, step of any skin care routine and these mitts make it easy. These rough mitts slip over your hands so you can wipe the dead and dried skin off of your body, whether on your arms, legs, or back. All you have to do is slightly dampen these mitts and they’ll shrink to the proper size to get the best exfoliating technique. Reviewers with keratosis pilaris or leftover spray tan residue particularly love how easy and effective these gloves are.

This genius lamp can project a sunset onto the walls of your space, so you can have a sunset happy hour or dinner without even leaving your home. You can also rotate the aluminum stand 180 degrees for more flexibility, and it has a nearly 5-foot-long USB charging cable that can stretch wherever you need it to. For a soothing and natural light in your space, this sunset lamp can’t be beat (also, according to some reviewers, cats are “obsessed.”)

Whether you’re hiking, at the beach, or in need of a cup that’s easy to travel with, this silicone cup can hold 25 ounces of your favorite liquid and then collapses down to 1.5 inches to fit into any bag. It’s made of food-grade and BPA-free silicone that’s easy to wipe clean, and the design is shaped to fit into most cupholders.

For the frequent dropper (or anyone who constantly misplaces his or her device), this phone tether clips to a belt loop, the inside of your jacket, or around your wrist so you can wear it like a bracelet. The 24-inch tether gives you plenty of reach to maneuver your phone where you need to without fear that you’ll drop it to the ground or into water beneath you. This tether anchors through the charging hole in your phone case, but won’t interfere with your ability to charge your device. For this reason, it works with most standard phone cases and comes in seven different colors you can choose from.

Sneakers, especially limited edition ones or vintage designs, are a pricey investment. So investing in these sneaker protectors is a great choice, as they can slide over any shoe in your closet to protect it from dust, yellowing, or any potential water damage. This pack comes with 50 different bags to store up to 25 pairs of shoes. And, since the bags can shrink down to the size of your shoe, they won’t add any bulk to your sneakers when you need to store them.

Traveling often requires squeezing into small or uncomfortable spaces like bus or plane seats for hours at a time. But, an inflatable travel pillow like this one can really make a difference, and has a space for you to tuck your hands and rest your head on a comfortable yet firm surface. It can be inflated in just five breaths, so you won’t spend a long time getting this set up.

These magic towels live up to their name, and are a game-changing product for anyone who spends a lot of time in the wilderness. Shaped like compact tablets, these 9-by-9-inch towels expand when they get wet so you can use them as towels, napkins, or whatever you need. And, since these are 100% biodegradable, they make for a great and disposable product to bring with you to a campsite or summit on a hiking trip. This pack comes with 100 towels, so you’ll really have your bases covered if you slip this into your rucksack or backpack.

For anyone who is tired of their mask breath (or the stuffy air trapped underneath your face mask) these clip-on scent filters come in a pack of four, two scented with lavender and two scented with apple. These are also hypoallergenic and super easy to attach. One health care worker says, “I wear a mask all day at work once I attached the scent clip keeping my mask on all day became a much better experience. I actually don’t slide it off as much when I’m alone in my office. Both scents are great. I like to alternate use lavender at work and green apple on weekends.”

The taste of natural peanut butter is delicious, but how it separates in your jar? Less so. This stirring device makes it easy to reintegrate peanut butter and peanut oils in a jar for a cohesive mixture, ready to spread on toast, spoon into a smoothie, or eat straight out of the jar (no judgement). The stirrer is made of food-safe materials and is a breeze to wield, so you’ll have the creamiest natural peanut butter in just a few stirs.

This tension relief tool is great for massing hard-to-reach areas of your back, or places where you struggle to get leverage. Designed with two nodes on either side and a curved, easy-to-grip stick that can fit over thighs, calves, or other tired muscles. Reviewers love this for tight shoulder blades, deep back muscles, and larger muscle groups in their legs.

If you suffer from any gum or teeth sensitivity, a soft micro toothbrush like this one is an essential item to have in your medicine cabinet. Safe for both adults and kids, this manual toothbrush is made with 20,000 soft nano bristles that clean without eroding any enamel or irritating any sensitive areas of your gums or teeth. This comes in a pack of four brushes so you’ll have plenty of spares, or one to gift to a family member.

The quickest way to eat delicious watermelon surely involves this handy slicing gadget, which allows you to scoop and cut up watermelon in one swift motion. This slicer produces uniform watermelon cubes that are immediately ready to be thrown in a bowl of fruit, a summer salad, or plated as a tasty snack. It’s no wonder over 3,000 Amazon reviewers have invested in this genius watermelon cutter.