The 4 Best Mops For Concrete Floors

2022-06-10 20:21:43 By : Ms. Purongsports Ruan

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While concrete flooring is known for being durable and easy to care for (especially in comparison with household surfaces like carpet, wood, and ceramic), it still requires some TLC in the form of regular mopping. The best mops for concrete floor include manual, electric, and steam models — and all your best options are tough on messes but don’t require cleaning solutions made with harsh chemicals.

When it comes to mops, microfiber’s fine fibers make it a preferred material for both light and deep cleaning. Microfiber mops use significantly less water than standard cotton mops, and they can be used for dry mopping, too. A flat, streamlined microfiber mop can be ideal for day-to-day dusting and quick mopping, while a microfiber string mop with a bucket and wringer can offer more traction for tougher cleaning jobs.

If you’re looking to save time, effort, and energy as you clean, consider skipping the manual mop and opting for an electric mop that features motors which spin microfiber pads to clean floors. Steam mops are also a good choice, particularly for unsealed concrete, as they can clean surfaces with just water. (If you have sealed concrete floors, you’ll want to check with an expert before steam mopping to avoid any risk of damaging the sealer.)

Bare concrete is very porous and easily absorbs moisture, dirt, dust, and stains, which is why it’s often treated when used indoors. It’s important to know how to clean concrete floors, especially for polished concrete or sealed concrete. The Concrete Network recommends dry mopping your decorative concrete floor every day and damp mopping (with a pH-neutral cleaner) as needed. Also keep in mind that while acidic cleaning products with ingredients like ammonia or bleach may be safe to use on bare concrete, they can damage the finishes of polished and sealed concrete floors.

When it comes time to clean, reach for one of these concrete floor mops from Amazon.

This microfiber mop is easy to maneuver and can be used wet or dry, making it perfect for everyday cleaning. The 18-inch mophead can rotate a full 360 degrees to squeeze into tight corners and the adjustable handle expands between 35 to 60 inches. It also comes with four reusable, machine-washable pads for the mophead: two soft microfiber pads, plus two scrubbing pads (which Turbo Microfiber recommends for areas that need and can endure heavy-duty cleaning, such as basements and garages). Simple but effective, this mop is a go-to tool for conquering everyday messes, and reviewers have vouched that it’s safe for concrete.

Promising Amazon review: “The turbo mop seemed to get my concrete tile floors cleaner than other mops I’ve used and I liked that it did not leave streaks on my floor after mopping. It was really good getting up cat hair. It didn’t take long for my floors to dry when I wet mopped them. I tried both heads for the sweep type of mopping and wet mopping. They are really versatile to use.”

With over 45,000 Amazon reviews, O-Cedar’s fan-favorite microfiber mop and bucket are the modern-day answer to the traditional string mop. The triangular shape of the mophead makes it perfect for wedging into corners, crevices, and other hard-to-reach areas, and the handle expands from 24 to 48 inches. The bucket’s splash guard and built-in wringer allow for added convenience (just press down on the foot pedal to wring). While it only comes with one mophead refill, it’s easy to snag more online. Plus, the mophead is safe to toss into the washing machine, according to reviewers.

Promising Amazon review: “I finally used it today in our new home that has stained concrete floors downstairs. What I love about it is that the bucket size is perfect and the head of the mop is triangle so you can get the corners so easily. [...] It does such a great job wringing the water out my stepping on the peddle. Very pleased with this product. It makes mopping the floors not so bad after all.”

You can ditch all the exhausting pushing and pulling that a manual mop requires with this cordless electric mop. The mop uses two motors to rotate microfiber cleaning pads and pick up dust, dirt, and other messes. One reviewer described: “This mop glides across the floor and is very easy to guide.” The handle’s length is adjustable, and built-in LED headlights help you spot hidden grime. The rechargeable battery lasts up to 20 minutes of wet mopping or 35 minutes of dry mopping. The mop comes with four microfiber cleaning pads, which users attest can be tossed in the washing machine. While the manufacturer doesn’t name concrete explicitly, multiple reviewers have used it on their concrete floors with good results.

Promising Amazon review: “I can’t believe i just mopped my house in 5 min! I wish I had this forever ago. We have concrete floors and i hate cleaning them. now its not a problem.”

Reviewers have reported that this Shark steam mop works great on their concrete flooring. It can sanitize up to 99.9% of surfaces without the use of any harsh chemicals — just fill the tank with water, turn it on, pump the handle, and you’re set! It also features an adjustable handle, swivel steering designed for hard-to-reach places (like under your furniture), and a quick-release power cord. The mop includes two double-sided, machine-washable microfiber covers. While steam is effective at cleaning unfinished concrete, it can dull certain decorative concrete finishes, so you’ll want to confirm with a flooring expert that steam cleaning is safe for your floors.

Promising Amazon review: “I received this a few days ago and tried it out on our polished concrete floors then on our wood floors. It works great on both. Super easy to assemble and to use. You plug it in, wait 30 seconds, pump the handle 10 times and that’s it! As you push it around to mop it pumps more steam. So easy and I really like the steam cleaning instead of using chemicals. I love it.”

As previously mentioned, it’s a good idea to keep a pH-neutral floor cleaner on hand if you have sealed concrete. This 1-gallon jug of concentrate is formulated to clean sealed concrete floors and leave them looking shiny, without the use of harsh ingredients that can damage sealers. According to Zep, you can use it on any “water-friendly” flooring, including vinyl, stone floors, and, of course, sealed concrete. It goes a long way, too: Just 1 gallon of concentrate adds up to as much as 128 gallons of cleaner when mixed with water.

Promising Amazon review: “We have darker stained concrete floors with a glossy finish in our farm office. This product is great in that it does not leave a cloudy film. Does the job nicely. Wish I’d found it sooner.”