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Shurhold 112 Cotton String Mop
Casabella Microfiber String Squeeze Mop, Orange and gray
Put those cleaning products away because our micro fiber string mop will do the job without chemicals or harsh abrasives.  The micro fiber head attracts and holds dirt and dust and along with the easy to use wring mechanism it will make any cleaning job a breeze.  Replaceable head use Casabella micro fiber refill.

48-1/2-Inch height
Fuller Brush Wet Mop Replacement Head
Fuller Brush Wet Mop Complete
Rubbermaid Home G034-06 Mop Bucket with Wringer
Nothing cleans like cotton and this old fashioned cotton string mop just like back in the day still does a great job cleaning floors.  The sturdy metal handle will give you years of reliable service.   Shurhold products are made with quality materials this will get the job done right.
The name Fuller Brush brings back memories of when the Fuller Brush man came to your mom's door to demonstrate their products.  Even though they don't do that anymore you can still depend on the reliability and workmanship of their products.   All cotton string mop replacement head.
Confidence in a product is sometimes hard to get but with Fuller Brush you know you are getting a quality product at a good price that is made in America.  The 100 % cotton mop head holds all the dirt until it is rinsed away.  The light weight handle is durable and easy to maneuver around furniture and appliances.  Measuring 49 1/4 inches long with a hook on the end to hang.
If your tired of getting your hands wet when mopping the floors this is your answer.  No fancy moving parts just place your wet mop in the well, then push and twist to the dryness you want.  This bucket is durable reinforced plastic with and easy grip.  You can move it where you need it with the metal handle and the wringer can be removed. 
Measures 9 9/16 x 10 5/8 x 16 1/2 inches (gray plastic)